Cobham Aerospace Communications has developed a range of airborne GPS-synchronized Electronic Aircraft Clocks, enabling on-board avionic systems to benefit from GPS precision and providing accurate time reference in degraded flight mode.

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With over 60 years of experience, Cobham Aerospace Communications designs and manufactures high-technology Aircraft Clocks and other aeronautical products. It specializes in the development of Avionics for aerial platforms ranging from turboprop, commercial, and special mission aircraft to helicopters and airships, for both civil and military applications.  Its main customers are aircraft manufacturers, as well as the French Air Force and system integrators.

Cobham Aerospace Communications is a major supplier of customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, including NVG-compatible Aircraft Clocks.

Our GPS-synchronized Electronic Aircraft Clocks are designed in accordance with demanding technical specifications to meet stringent environmental conditions.

The main priority of Cobham Aerospace Communications is to ensure the best quality level for its products, along with a commitment to fully support its customers.


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