The airborne APE 5100 is a 3ATI, GPS-synchronized Electronic Clock certified for use on commercial airplanes.

Cobham's APE 5100 clock meets the highest performance demands while providing all expected functionalities. It is an integral part of an avionics installation, delivering GPS synchronization accuracy and degraded-flight mode security through its ARINC 429 output.  This 3ATI electronic clock, with wide-viewing angle and day/night automatic dimmable backlight, provides excellent reading comfort and an intuitive interface.


In degraded-flight mode, when GPS is not available, the APE 5100 clock is designed to supply accurate time reference for use by the avionics system.



Main advantages:

  1. 3ATI for excellent reading comfort
  2. GPS synchronization for highest precision
  3. ARINC 429 output for degraded-flight mode
  4. Remote controls chronometer
  5. Proven record of high reliability

Automatic dimmable backlight



  1. NVG compatibility (APE 5900 version)


Displayed information:

  1. 6-digit Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)
  2. 4-digit Elapsed Time (ET)
  3. 4-digit Chronometer (CHR)



  1. 3-position selector for GPS, INT (LT Local Time) and SET functions
  2. 3-position selector for RUN, STP and RST functions of the ET
  3. Turn-and-push button for updating of data (DATA/SET)
  4. 2 push buttons for control of the chronometer (CHR, RST)
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