The Dual-mode, VIS/NVIS LED Anti-collision Light allows reduction of weight and space on top of the aircraft fin.

Cobham's Dual Mode Anti-collision Light combines a VIS red flashing Anti-Collision Light and a NVIS IR flashing Anti-Collision light in a single unit. Both VIS and NVIS lights are based on LED technology, providing enhanced reliability and reduced lifetime maintenance costs. It is compliant with JAR/FAR part 23/25 and 27/29 requirements. The flashing sequence is customisable to reinforce conspicuity.


Dual Mode Anti-collision Light Features

  1. LED anti-collision light
  2. Customisable flashing sequence
  3. Dual-mode VIS/NVIS combination (Red/Infra-Red)
  4. Narrow vertical illumination for visible colors
  5. Wide vertical illumination for Infra-Red
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