The flush-mounted and retractable Dual-mode Search and Landing Light is adjustable in elevation (90°) and azimuth (360°). It provides a very high energy beam to allow taxiing, landing, and search operations.

This Dual-mode Search and Landing Light provides two beams: a white beam and an infrared beam (dimmable for use with night vision goggles). This dual white/IR light consists of halogen lamps with their reflectors, Infra-Red lights and their filters and reflectors, beam spread orientation means (motor, gear, position devices), a mechanical structure, an electrical interface and an electrical circuit to control light sources and adjust Infra-Red radiant intensity.


Halogen technology provides higher luminous efficiency, a better color temperature, and a faster start than classical incandescent lamps.



  1. Halogen & LED technologies
  2. 300,000 cd
  3. Flush-mounted & retractable
  4. Azimuth 360°/ Elevation 90°
  5. NVIS radiant intensity of 1 to 20 NRI
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