The function of this LED NVIS Adjustable Cockpit Light is to provide an easy-access, directive and handy lighting source to the crew. It can be easily released from its socket. And can find its place in any military and government aircraft.

When unplugged, its twisted cable can be extended up to 2 meters (6.6 ft), permitting a freedom movement to illuminate wide area.

It can be dimmed with a clockwise adjustment from Min to Max. The enhanced functionality and adjustable beam ring at the front end of the light, allow optimum dependence during flight operations.



  1. LED technology
  2. NVIS compliance
  3. Integrated dimming control knobl
  4. Adjustable beam by front ring (smooth beam from 15° to 45°
  5. Easily plugged and unplugged on its socket to become a hand light


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