AVIATOR 300 with Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) offers a compact and lightweight SwiftBroadband solution, suitable for a multitude of aircraft within business, military and government sectors.


Wide range of aircraft

Small in size but not performance, AVIATOR 300 is half the size and weight of traditional communications systems, offering broader coverage and higher data speeds. Fast and reliable connectivity supports an extensive range of applications including Multi-voice calling, emailing, browsing, and video streaming to the office or control station on the ground.


Wireless Connectivity

Staying connected is easier than ever. Built-in wireless provides an in-flight Wi-Fi™ hotspot in the sky, supporting smart phones, tablets and laptops. Users can connect their own devices to the wireless network so even at 37,000 ft. customers, colleagues, family and friends are only a call or an email away.


Real-time video streaming

Fully harnessing the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service, AVIATOR 300 enables fast and efficient transfer of files and offers video streaming capability in real-time. With its compact size and streaming video capability, AVIATOR 300 makes an excellent choice for a BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) data link solution for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).


Proven capability

AVIATOR 300 offers proven performance in a variety of environments, including business, military, government and air transport operations. From bush firefighting to business jet charters to unmanned aircraft, AVIATOR 300 is a reliable and versatile communication solution.


Case Study

AVIATOR 300 Used Aboard Australian Fire-spotting Aircraft Case Study

Fire-spotting aircraft have played a vital role in fire fighting for over twenty years and large scale events such as the catastrophic 'Black Saturday' bush fires in Victoria, Australia in February 2009, have required innovative approaches to beat them.


Part of this innovation is the use of  Cobham's cutting-edge satcom solutions such as the AVIATOR 300 to provide real-time snapshots of fire activity, making them a vital tool for the Victoria State Aircraft Unit's (SAU) fire fighting operations.


An initiative of the SAU Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), the SAU provides specialist aviation resources to satisfy fire and land management objectives in the state of Victoria.


Real-time Communications

The first  Cobham AVIATOR 300 was installed aboard the SAU's Super King Air B200 by Inmarsat Gold Partner, TC Communications in December 2009, followed by a second AVIATOR 300 installation aboard the SAU's Cessna 404 Titan aircraft in February 2010.


Adam Damen, Technical Systems Specialist, Victoria's SAU explains: "For us, the AVIATOR 300 SwiftBroadband system means providing regular real-time snapshots of a fire zone, regardless of how remote the location.


"The system has also been designed to allow for remote access to fire data, enabling us to assist other regions with their fire fighting capabilities. 

For example we sent one of our planes to Tasmania to assist with a small bushfire north west of Hobart. We were able to fly down, transmit the data and fly back to the mainland without having to land the plane.


This represented a huge success both in terms of the cost effectiveness of the mission and the capability it provided to collect and transmit valuable data," adds Adam.


Modern Capabilities

The launch of Inmarsat's 'broadband-for-the-sky' service, SwiftBroadband, has been a key milestone, particularly for smaller aircraft communications. 

It introduced significantly greater bandwidth capability and 'always-on' IP connection combined with the availability of compact, lightweight avionics.


As well as enabling fire activity maps to be delivered quickly, SwiftBroadband technology also enables Victoria's fire agencies to assist in planning for resources needed to fight fires.

Adam concludes: "The sophisticated level of intelligence provided by the Cobham AVIATOR 300 SwiftBroadband solution is imperative to our missions if we are to continue to protect the homes and lives of Australians when a bush fire strikes."


Improved Resource Planning

Australian bushfires continue to threaten and devastate the country's environment, but the ability for fire fighters to predict and prevent their movement will undoubtedly save lives.


While satcom onboard fire spotting aircraft can not completely prevent a fire from occurring, they are proven as playing a critical role in preparing fire fighters by providing them with access to valuable data that can be relayed to the ground station in real-time.


Victoria's SAU can rest assured that when the next bush fire takes its hold, they can rely on Cobham's AVIATOR 300 to give them a fighting chance.


Supplemental Type Certificates for AVIATOR 300

Listed here are STCs that Cobham is aware of. This might not be an exhaustive list, and we are always happy to discuss the possibility of creating an STC where needed.

OEM  Airframe Issued By STC Number STC Holder
Beechcraft Baron G58 FAA SA03656NY Discovery Air Technical Services
Beechcraft Baron G58 Transport Canada SA14-42 Discovery Air Technical Services
Beechcraft Baron G58 EASA 10053769 Discovery Air Technical Services
Boeing 757-200, -200PF, -300 EASA 10049089 REV 1 ScanAv
Bombardier Challenger CL 600 EASA 10043246 Aero-Dienst
Bombardier Challenger CL-600-2B16, CL-600-2B16 Transport Canada O-LSA12-147/D Sky Service F.B.O. Inc.
Bombardier Challenger CL 600 Transport Canada TCCA C-LSA15-038/D ISSUE 1 Flying Colours Corp. 
Bombardier Challenger CL 600 EASA 10062531 Flying Colours Corp. 
Bombardier Challenger CL 600 EASA 10056093 STC Twenty One Limited
Bombardier Challenger CL 600 Transport Canada O-LSA14-045/D Bombardier
Cessna 680 Sovereign Transport Canada C-LSA16-109/D Amtech Aeronautical Limited
Cessna Citation II 500, 550 bravo,  S550 EASA 10044719 ScanAv
Dassault Falcon 50EX (F50EX) EASA 10047100 Kuerzi Avionics AG
Dassault Falcon MF900 EASA 10039239 Kuerzi Avionics AG
Embraer  135BJ - Legacy 600/650 EASA  10033641 RUAG
Gulfstream G200 FAA ST02010SE Aero Mech
Hawaker Beechcraft B200, B300  EASA  10032984  Hawaker Beechcraft Ltd.
Twin Commander 690B Transport Canada O-LSA15-029/D Discovery Air Fire Serv.
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