Smallest solution

Over 60% smaller and 34% lighter than any other competing IGA product on the market, AVIATOR IGA-5001 is by far the smallest Intermediate Gain Antenna certified for both single and multi-channel operation. Partnered with Cobham SATCOM's AVIATOR range, it makes a compelling case for moving Inmarsat voice and data services on to smaller aircraft types.


Rugged and reliable

With a low profile and small footprint, the AVIATOR IGA-5001 is a fuselage-mount, electronically-steered, phased-array antenna. It is TSO-C132 certified and fully compliant with the Inmarsat SDM, and is considered to be the optimum antenna solution for Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband Class 7 service. It is a rugged and reliable antenna with integrated GPS, which benefits from Cobham SATCOM's field experience of the AVIATOR HGA-7000 and HGA-7001 high gain antennas; the latter being the antenna of choice on new air transport aircraft.


Easy installation

AVIATOR IGA-5001 features a solid state, highly-reliable design which in combination with its compact form factor and class-leading low weight, ensures simple installation. Suitable for fuselage mount, the antenna is fitted with simple connection via two TNC Bulkhead feed-throughs so mounting and configuration couldn't be easier.


Complete solution

Embracing an integrated cockpit and cabin approach, Cobham SATCOM's Intermediate Gain Antennas can be used to receive and transmit voice and data for the benefit of the flight deck, crew and passengers. As well as providing connectivity for the cockpit for air traffic control, aircraft operation and EFB, AVIATOR IGA-5001 offers fast and reliable connectivity on Inmarsat SwiftBroadband services for high quality, low-cost voice calling and the full complement of data services, supporting the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.



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