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Reliable communication with the ground has always been a challenge for helicopters. Even more so these days, with the growing importance of simultaneous voice and data capability for medevac, search & rescue, and ISR functions. 

Few solutions exist in the market to transmit data such as video imagery to a satellite network in the same way as is possible from fixed wing aircraft. This is due to the interference caused by the rotors, which leads to intermittent, jittery data streams and distorted video at the receiving station. This has a big impact for data heavy applications like FLIR and video.

Cobham’s AVIATOR SP with Inmarsat SB-Helo X-Stream solves the problem of rotor shadow

Helicopter Connectivity Solution

Advanced streaming techniques mitigate against packet loss, ensuring resilient, reliable satcom connectivity to and from the helicopter.

A tailored fit solution specifically for helicopters, it provides high speed connectivity and high quality streaming at up to 1.5 Mbps and packet loss reduced from over 40% to less than 2%

Cobham’s SB-Helo X-Stream is available as a free of charge firmware upgrade for AVIATOR SP with high gain Antenna.

Inmarsat SB-Helo X-Stream

SB-Helo X-Stream is an enhancement of Inmarsat’s X-Stream service offering an extra 1dB in the link budget to mitigate the impact caused by rotary blades.

This service is designed to achieve higher streaming performance on class 6 terminals. During the field test conducted on a Mi-8 platform in Austria, a class 6 terminal performed extraordinarily and achieving a speed exceeding 430 kbps with minimal packet loss using a single channel of SwiftBroadband.


AVIATOR SP hardware is purposely designed for helicopter satcom applications with its high vibration and temperature resistance, tailored mounting solutions and a variety of high gain antennas to suit all platforms.

AVIATOR Special Purpose range consists of the SDU-7315, the SDU-7320, the SDU-7330 and, depending on the system configuration, is deployed with the HLD-7260 (single channel systems), or the HPA-7450 and the DAU-7070 (multichannel systems).

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Out of the Shadows: The Dawn of a New Day for Rotorcraft Connectivity. How a Technology Breakthrough called SB-Helo C-Stream Overcame the Rotor Shadowing Challenge.

Because SATCOM ‘most of the time’ is not good enough. 



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