SwiftBroadband Safety is Inmarsat's next generation flight deck communications platform offering global, high-speed, secure, IP connectivity for the cockpit.


Introducing SB-S


SwiftBroadband–Safety (SB-S) opens a new world of data-rich, near real-time applications to improve operational efficiency and enhance flight safety. A service fit for the digital age, SB-S offers the highest system availability, shortest message transaction time, and most secure, reliable voice and data performance in the industry. A core component of current and future aviation community initiatives, SB-S is helping to make busier skies a safer place to fly.


The introduction of SwiftBroadband safety is enhancing the aviation safety services, bringing the benefits of prioritised IP to the aircraft cockpit. It will enable new Electronic Flight Bag applications, as well as integrated aircraft position reporting, while still providing the required two channels of cockpit voice and FANS ACARS services. The SwiftBroadband FANS ACARS service is designed to meet the more stringent ICAO GOLD standard requirements, such as the GOLD RCP240 requirement for oceanic airspace, and the voice service is built to perform to the new ICAO SVGM standard. These new standards set the requirements that permit reduced separation aircraft operations in oceanic airspace, so-called 30/30 NM operations, allowing increased airspace capacity whilst enhancing safety.

Cobham offers the only SwiftBroadband Safety (SB-S) terminals flying today, in use with Shenzhen, United and Hawaiian Airlines.

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