Our next generation of cockpit connectivity for FANS 1/A operations, the AVIATOR 200S, is secured against the next 20 years of threats and is smaller, lighter and has a lower cost of ownership than any other Inmarsat safety services system.



AVIATOR S Series satcom solution brings nose-to-tail next generation connectivity to commercial airlines. FANS 1/A-compliant, AVIATOR S Series not only enables safety services over SwiftBroadband, but also intelligent fleet management and efficient operations - all in a smaller and smarter package.

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight HLD & Advanced Low Gain Antenna (HELGA) and Compact Satellite Data Unit (C-SDU) two-box solution
  • Total system weight of less than 8kg (17.6lb)
  • Safety and non-safety domain segregation
  • Multiple simultaneous voice calls
  • Reduces LRUs to 2 in the AVIATOR 200S configuration
  • Meets all ARINC 781 specifications




AVIATOR S Series enables pilots to share real-time, relevant information with dispatchers and ground control for greater safety, situational awareness, route optimisation and to sync aircraft directly with your Flight Operations Quality Control (FOQA) system.

  • Powerful Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM) applications
  • Secure and segregated aircraft domains
  • 2D overview of weather systems
  • Real-time EFB updates
  • Route optimisation for higher yield per mile
  • Detailed aircraft diagnostics




AVIATOR S Series satcom solution enables powerful next generation applications to turn your fleet into a SMART FLEET™. This means a more connected, intelligent and safer organisation with better-informed decision making from top to bottom - and an airline built for the future.

  • Maximum yield per passenger mile
  • Intelligent flight planning
  • Record, monitor and analyse key data
  • FANS 1/A compliant
  • Improved safety procedures
  • E-enable every flight crew
  • Better management decision making



Inmarsat SBB Class 4, one channel. 1 x 200kbps

  • Two-box solution
  • Single SwiftBroadband channel
  • Highly secure data segregation between safety and non-safety domains
  • Aircraft Control Domain (ACD) ACARS for ATS, ACARS for AOC, Voice (one circuit switched, one VoIP)
  • Aircraft Information Service Domain (AISD) - EFB and Flight data
  • ACD traffic has priority over ASID traffic
  • Multiple simultaneous voice calls
  • Total system weight less than 6kg (13.2lb)


Dual SBB system to create more capacity for AISD and add a third domain. 2 x 332kbps

  • Passenger Information and Entertainment Services domain
  • Activate 2nd channel in the C-SDU
  • ACARS and IP data
  • Data segregation between safety and non-safety domains
  • Multiple simultaneous voice calls


Quad SBB system. 4 x 432kbps

  • Dual SwiftBroadband channels
  • ACARS and IP data
  • Data segregation between safety and non-safety domains
  • Multiple simultaneous voice calls
  • Allows use of all Cobham SATCOM HGA antennas
  • Total system weight of less than 20kg (44lb)
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