Weighing just 10kg and consisting of only two boxes plus the antenna, AVIATOR 300D provides SwiftBroadband Safety Services, voice and IP data connectivity for your flight deck.

Cobham’s AVIATOR 300D SwiftBroadband SATCOM solution combines FANS 1/A safety services and voice connectivity with IP Data capability.


AVIATOR 300D’s built-in ACARS Aero gateway AAGW facilitates messaging over Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband network, providing for cost effective operations. The solution architecture is simple to install with a 2 MCU SBU and “flat pack” HLD and Intermediate Gain Antenna with a combined weight under 9.9 Kgs/22 Lbs. The system’s Intermediate Gain Phased Array Antenna (IGA) is the smallest in its class.

AVIATOR 300D offers significant size, cost and weight savings over legacy satcom solutions and is an ideal replacement for large Aero H/H+ terminals. The system’s built-in wired and wireless Ethernet connectivity for the cockpit IP network allows for easy interfacing with external devices, such as EFBs, iPads or AIDs during all phases of flight. Cobham AVIATOR 300D was used by the FAA to certify SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S). Cobham offers the only SB-S certified products operational today, in service with Hawaiian, United and Shenzhen Airlines.

System Part Numbers

  • SwiftBroadband Unit (SBU): 405040A-THD
  • High Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and Diplexer (HLD): 405016A-THD
  • Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA-5001):
    • Cape Town: 677-A0181
    • Lyngby: 405001A-PMA
    • Lewisville: 802-10-0010


Supplemental Type Certificates for AVIATOR 300D

Listed here are STCs that Cobham is aware of. This might not be an exhaustive list, and we are always happy to discuss the possibility of creating an STC where needed.

OEM  Airframe Issued By STC Number STC Holder
 Airbus  A319/A320/A321 FAA  ST04150AT Avionics Support Group Inc
 Boeing  737-600/-700/-800 EASA  10058034 GVH Aerospace Limited/ The Boeing Company
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