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Cobham SATCOM Supplies 1000th HGA-6000 and 2000th HGA-7001

NBAA 2014 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, 21-23 October, Orlando, FL,Orange County Convention Center, Booth 828 Leading Satellite Communications Provider Continues to Set the Standard in Aeronautical Sector with Success of Two High Gain Antenna models

AVIATOR HGA-6000Cape Town, South Africa - Setting the benchmark globally with its pioneering range of standalone aeronautical antennas, Cobham SATCOM announced sales figures for two of its most successful High Gain Antennas. The satellite communications provider confirmed that it has supplied 1,000 of its AVIATOR HGA-6000 - the lightest High Gain Satcom Antenna available on the market. Recently reaching the production landmark of 2,000 units, Cobham also welcomes the continued success of the AVIATOR HGA-7001 as the L-band "Satcom antenna of choice" for airlines.


Brian Cobern, Airline Sales Executive at Cobham SATCOM, Cape Town, said: "The combined success of the AVIATOR HGA-7001 and the HGA-6000 is very significant and demonstrates the benefits our antennas give to airlines and business aviation. The top mount HGA-7001 is approved across all the major airframes and provides value benefits and cost savings, such as low drag weight, low induced fuselage stress and exceptional low angle coverage, all resulting in a higher performance Satcom system.


AVIATOR HGA-7001"HGA-7001 shipments have now reached over 50 units per month and the number continues to grow. This antenna has clearly become the defacto L-band Satcom antenna of choice with the airlines, with about 90% of B777, 60% (and rising) of A330 and 100% of A380, A350, B787 and B747-8 using this antenna. We also see more B737 and A320 customers selecting this antenna as the demands for single aisle connectivity continue to grow.


"To reach the landmark of 1,000 HGA-6000's is very significant. This antenna is standard fit on Gulfstream 350/450/550/650 and an option on the Dassault Falcon Jets and the Legacy 450/500. It is ideal for large business jets. The light weight and easy installation options make this antenna the obvious choice for OEMs."


Kim Gram, vice president of Cobham SATCOM's aeronautical business unit, said: "These are fairly unique milestones in our industry and really single out Cobham SATCOM as a global leader in the antennas sector and an authoritative voice in the industry. Cobham sets the standard for phased array and tail-mount SwiftBroadband antennas as no other manufacturer can match our compact size, affordability and performance.

"It is particularly satisfying that the 1,000 unit sales figure has been achieved by the HGA-6000 which is such a unique and versatile product and one of the most innovative in our comprehensive range. Offering the lowest weight and volume for a mechanically-steered high gain antenna, it is capable of providing users with high performance voice and data connectivity when used with Cobham's AVIATOR 350 and 700D systems."


With its very high reliability, the AVIATOR HGA-7001 features phased-array technology that has proven its 'fit and forget" status with the air transport sector, yet is small and light enough for many business jet airframes. Providing seamless coverage over the Inmarsat-defined hemisphere, the HGA-7001 is for use with Inmarsat Classic Aero (H/H+), Swift64 and SwiftBroadband Satcom systems for multi-channel service for a range of applications.


The AVIATOR HGA-6000 in the slimline radome offers users the smallest swept volume available for a mechanically-steered Aero H/H+, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband Satcom antenna. It is the first antenna of this type to accept steering commands directly from any ARINC 741 compatible Satellite Data Unit as it is designed with an integral Beam Steering Unit (BSU) with ARINC 429 interface. This eliminates the need to install a separate Antenna Control Unit (ACU) or BSU, reducing system box count and improving empennage weight distribution and installation simplicity.


As well as providing connectivity for air traffic control, aircraft operation and EFBs for the cockpit, both HGA units fulfil the demand for high data rates and broadband capability to offer fast and reliable connectivity on Inmarsat SwiftBroadband services for high quality, low-cost voice calling and the full complement of data services, supporting the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Cobham SATCOM's pioneering range of aeronautical standalone AVIATOR High Gain, Intermediate Gain and Low Gain antennas feature aerodynamic profiles and small footprints for optimum performance. This family of phased array fuselage and mechanical tail cap mounted Inmarsat antennas is ideal for air transport aircraft, business aircraft, surveillance aircraft helicopters and UAV's.


For further information about Cobham SATCOM's AVIATOR portfolio, please visit Booth 828 at this year's NBAA or go to


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Our product designs have evolved tremendously during their decades in service in use around the world in a variety of domains and environments. We market under the AVIATOR, EXPLORER, SAILOR® and Sea Tel brands. Please refer to our websites for our list of global distributors and partners. Cobham SATCOM has design, development and manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Norway, South Africa and the USA.


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