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Cobham Signs Contract with Boeing for Cockpit Connectivity Solution

Agreement for the Boeing 777X and 737 MAX to be outfitted with Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR 200S enables airlines to benefit from smaller, lighter, higher performance satcom solutions

LYNGBY, Denmark: Cobham and Boeing have signed a Technical Service Agreement (TSA) for the certification of the AVIATOR 200S system on the Boeing 777X and 737 MAX airplanes. The agreement provides a Boeing line fit option for Aviator 200S, which provides Inmarsat's new generation SwiftBroadband Safety (SB-S) service to airline customers worldwide.


Cobham’s AVIATOR 200S product offers a smaller, lighter, powerful satcom solution to airlines and addresses the growing demand from airlines for continuous secure data exchange between their ground operations and their aircraft. The AVIATOR S series of products supports secure IP and ACARS data services, multiple IP voice channels, and powers a growing range of cutting edge applications that enhance safety and improve operational efficiency. Learn more about cockpit connectivity at

‘We are delighted that Boeing will be offering the benefits of AVIATOR 200S to their customers. It will be particularly appealing to airlines looking to optimise flight deck connectivity whilst retaining system commonality across their fleet.’ Paul Kahn, President, Cobham Communications and Connectivity.

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