The AS270 Airborne Cabin Server builds on the success of the JetLAN™ family. This compact and powerful advanced Server is an ideal solution for a variety of applications.


  1. Compact size, ARINC 600 - 2 MCU
  2. Powerful Intel® i7- quad-core microprocessor
  3. More than 2TB Storage available
  4. Optional built-in WiFi
  5. Multi-purpose applications


Embedding various I/Os and utilizing an Intel® i7 Quad-core processor with a large storage capacity, the AS270 Airborne Cabin Server allows maximum resources for:


  1. Network management,
  2. IFE/IFC connectivity,
  3. Data acquisition, processing and analysis,
  4. Communication application hosting,
  5. Content management,
  6. Cabin management…


To extend the operational life of your current system, this new generation of JetLAN has been designed to be form-fit with the legacy version, but with expanded functionality.


Designed, built, and qualified to stringent avionics standards for safety and reliability, the AS270 can address multiple applications aboard air transport, VIP, governmental and mission platforms.


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