Cobham is the leader in innovative solutions combining Audio and Radio Management in a single control display unit

Cobham offers Audio and Radio Management Panels (ARMP) for use on all civil and military aerospace subsonic platforms.


Audio and Radio Control Display Unit (ARCDU)


  • Cobham's ARCDU is a customizable controller display unit, perfectly suited for line-fit and retrofit programs for helicopters, trainers and mission aircraft. It can be associated with two different AMUs: with the AMU4242 for trainers and medium and heavy mission aircraft; and with the AMU50 for helicopter and light mission aircraft.
  • The typical architecture is comprised of two ARCDU, one AMU, and optional ACPs as the ACP51 or ACP3000 depending of the AMU type.
  • The ARCDU is an intuitive device allowing quick access to navigation, communication, transponder / identification radio units.  It benefits from dynamic, configurable software and modular design to match any customer requirements.
  • It is compatible with most radios using ARINC429, RS422, RS485 and MIL-STD-1553. Specific interfaces may be made available on request.
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