As a specialist in Audio Management systems for airborne applications, Cobham has developed solutions for all aerospace platforms

Cobham's Audio Management System has the ability to distribute and control all the audio in an aircraft, to/from all transceivers, receivers and aural alarm sources. It can also integrate warning generator and optional cockpit amplifier and SELCAL.


Audio Management System (AMS)

The AMS consists of Audio Control Panels (ACP3000) and Audio Management Units: AMU4242 for mission aircraft or AMU4031 for civil/commercial aircraft.


The AMU4242 is a robust and mature product purposely designed for special mission aircraft.  It will support 10 transceivers, six receivers, three CVRs and up to 10 headsets. It integrates SELCAL (Selective Calling), 32 alarms, and a cockpit amplifier.


The AMU4031 with ACP3000 is the world's most popular Audio Management System for commercial aviation. It has been especially designed for Single Aisle (SA) and Long Range (LR) aircraft. The basic installation includes three ACPs, one AMU, and can integrate SELCAL and cockpit amplifier on some versions.



  • Mature technology, proven reliability
  • LED technology for low touch temperature
  • Individual volume control
  • Full redundant audio function
  • Integrated SELCAL and cockpit amplifier (optional on AMU4031)
  • Optional NVG compatibility
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