Cobham’s Aircraft Radio Control Units allow operators to have integrated radio functions in a single radio controller unit.

Our Aircraft Radio Control Units are standalone and of compact design, saving space and weight in the cockpit. They are suitable for a large variety of cockpits and operating environments. Able to be interfaced with multiple civil and military radios, they have already been installed on numerous platforms, allowing operators to manage radios from different origins.


Featuring flexible hardware and software, they can be customised to meet your requirements.


Radio Control Unit (RCU)

The RCU consists of a color display, up/down menu push buttons to access to sub-menu and setup, left buttons giving a direct access to sub-menu radios, keypad for quick radio frequency entry, and a rotary knob for ON/OFF power and bright display adjustment. It is compatible with most civil and military radios using ARINC429, RS422 and RS485 interfaces.



  1. Consolidates radio functions
  2. Interfaces multiple types of transceivers and receivers
  3. Standalone controller
  4. Save space & weight
  5. Optional NVG compatibility
  6. Customizable
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