Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 14-16 June 2022 Hamburg , Germany

Meet us in Hall 6B Stand 6C50B

Cobham Aerospace Communications’ AVIATOR S has been selected by Airbus for all its commercial A/C range A320, A330 , A350 families, and by Boeing for its 737Max and 777X..It does contribute to the digital solutions and environmental sustainability objectives by improving cockpit activities through connectivity.  Enabling aircraft communications over the ATN/IPS (Aeronautical Telecommunications Network / Internet Protocol Suite) protocol, AVIATOR S enables safety services like FANS 1/A and 4D trajectory guidance (like NextGen and IRIS) over SwiftBroadband, and enables improved communication with Air Traffic Control.  By optimizing flight routes, the number of aircraft in holding patterns above airports are minimized, fuel consumption is reduced, and the number of delayed flights decreases, heightening passenger satisfaction.  Cobham’s AVIATOR S family of SATCOM systems is suitable for all single-aisle and wide-body commercial transport aircraft.  It’s flexible, configurable, and operates across two separate and secure domains: Aircraft Information Service Domain (AISD) – For Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and flight data streaming Aircraft Control Domain (ACD): For multiple voice channels, APDLC, ADS-C – FANS 1/A, and ACARS 

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