New Antenna Transmits Data 10x Faster Than HF Antennas

Dourdan, France: Cobham Aerospace Communications has developed a revolutionary Wide Band High Frequency (HF) Antenna, transmitting data at a rate ten times higher than traditional HF antennas, over thousands of miles.

The revolutionary new technology, Wide Band HF, transforms the transmission of standard High Frequency. Introduced by manufacturers as "Wide Band HF", radios with this capability now have the ability to transmit data at a rate ten times higher than traditional HF radios. As well as this, users can now share images and videos, with transmissions able to cross thousands of miles.


Achieved at zero usage cost, it is a highly cost effective alternative to using the satellite communication network.


Cobham's Wide Band High Frequency Antenna is the result of Cobham technological and engineering expertise in the ½ loop domain. The antenna includes features such as increased size, weight and power, ease of mounting, high power transmission, and proven robustness. Compatible with narrow band (traditional) radio generation, it ensures easy emergency field support while also allowing on the move users the full benefits of Wide Band HF.


Cobham is proud to be the first manufacturer to introduce a 2 to 30 MHz ½ loop Wide Band HF antenna.




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