A revolutionary new solution from Cobham, redefines UAV satcom connectivity by integrating everything into one compact, lightweight box.

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The AVIATOR UAV 200 connects back to base via Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service, providing a reliable command and control communications link beyond line of sight, as well as a real time feed from on-board payload sensors, via a single channel ‘always-on’ data service up to 200kbps. Streaming class services are also available.



Beyond line of sight

For true surveillance and monitoring, it is vital that operators get near real time visual feedback of the video captured. Previously, tactical UAVs had limited connectivity, meaning that all viewing and decision-making had to be within line of sight or after the airframe returned, by which time the data will often have lost its tactical or commercial value. 

Enhanced aircraft control

With AVIATOR UAV 200, operators can now send flight commands to the UAV in real time. By making immediate route adjustments as and when necessary, not only does this significantly enhance mission flexibility but it can help to protect the UAV and other airspace users should it need to avoid potential threats or return to base.

Greater payload flexibility

A tactical UAV’s combined weight has a large impact on its endurance and operational flexibility. By providing a satcom solution that is smaller and lighter than anything bandwidth-comparable on the market, AVIATOR UAV 200 not only improves the UAV’s range but significantly expands its payload capability and thereby its commerical and strategic value.




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